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Unitrends Enhances Enterprise Capabilities With Addition Of Ransomware Detection And Application Owner Self-service To Flagship Backup Solutions
Posted: Wed Mar 15, 2017 11:33:32 AM


Backup Leader Expands All-in-One Backup and Continuity Management for Enterprises with Up to 10,000 Locations, Solidifying the Vendor’s Momentum in the Enterprise Market

Unitrends, the global leader in all-in-one enterprise backup and continuity solutions, today announced the enhancement of its Recovery Series physical appliances and Unitrends Backup virtual appliances with the addition of Ransomware Detection, Self-Service for application owners and Distributed Enterprise Manager. Building upon the existing simplicity and easy-to-deploy nature of Unitrends hybrid cloud backup appliances, this new release provides customers the ability to use the “always on” nature of the solution to dig into data anomalies across many locations.

“Unitrends’ enormous growth in the enterprise space is due to its radically simple and affordable capabilities coupled with its enterprise-class reliability and core feature set,” said Paul Brady, CEO of Unitrends. “Ransomware Detection, Self-Service for application owners such as SQL Server and Oracle databases, Distributed Enterprise Manager, and the other enterprise-class features make the decision to go with Unitrends the easiest decision an IT professional will ever make.”

The increasing threat of ransomware has been top of mind for many Unitrends customers. Gartner writes, “By 2019, despite increasing effectiveness of countermeasures, successful ransomware attacks will double in frequency year over year, up from 2 to 3 million in 2016,” in the November 2016 Predicts 2017: Business Continuity Management and IT Service Continuity Management report.

“The addition of Ransomware Detection to an already superior solution is a complete game-changer for me and my organization. Ransomware has made backup and disaster recovery a board level conversation, where increasingly the board wants to be assured that there is an effective plan in place for dealing with this destructive malware. Adding these analytic and detection capabilities to my security team’s tool belt is going to help me sleep at night,” said Richard C. Malewicz, CIO of Livingston County, Michigan.

Ransomware Detection

Ransomware Detection uses predictive analytics to determine the probability that ransomware is operating on a server, workstation, or desktop computer and alerts administrators if ransomware is detected. Once ransomware is detected the user is able to immediately restore back to the last legitimate recovery point.

Self-Service for Application Owners

Self-Service puts power back into the hands of the application owners, such as SQL Server, Oracle database, Exchange, SharePoint, and other system-specific administrators. Through advanced role-based access control, users can initiate their own recoveries and even manage their own backups without having to engage the entire backup and recovery system.

Distributed Enterprise Manager

With an IT-less branch office afoot, Distributed Enterprise Manager allows global enterprises with multiple branch offices the ability to centrally manage and monitor thousands of distributed backup appliances. Distributed Enterprise Manager is a game-changer for organizations looking to simplify enterprise-level management of their backup and continuity solution.

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